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I have just found another blog entry of an overt alcoholic 🙂 which leaves a bad taste in my mouth full of Flor de Caña. That fellow is writing about the Guatemalan Zacapa rum and singing its song of praise. Much better than I sang mine. Unfortunately, I have to admit that Zacapa is without the shadow of a doubt the best rum that ever crossed my palate. As the writer rightly states, Zacapa is not distilled from molasses, but only from the first sugar cane syrup pressing. This and its slow aging on 1500 metres above sea level contribute to its taste. This puts me in a (typical?) Central American conflict… one small Central American country’s product against the other…

Well, I am honest enough to admit that Zacapa is the shit. But no wonder, the youngest rum they offer is 15 years old (only 16 and 21 year old rum is sold as export and of course the older stuff I cannot afford). Still, what makes Flor de Caña special is the way you drink it: at the beach, with friends, in the dark (when electricity has disappeared) and out of the bottle. No, that’s not what I wanted to say. Again: Zacapa is the best rum I know to drink straight. Flor de Caña has a fabulous taste too, but it’s not quite the same category. It is, however, the best rum I know to mix with. I have to say that I don’t mix it so much with Coke anymore. Being in Costa Rica, you get used to the daily availability of fresh fruit and that’s what I love mixing it most. And then, mixing Zacapa with all this fruity stuff would be nothing short of waste. So check out for an exclusive tour of this Guatemalan wonder distillery. But remember: Nothing beats Flor de Caña in spirit…


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