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Monthly Archives: May 2010

It seems like something I have long been waiting for now is happening, at least in a small country in Switzerland. It seems that a site called “Vanilla” is going to start mobile payment solutions for customers and retailers. The idea is to replace or complement cash payment as well as classical credit cards.

Credit cards have begun giving out Bonus Point for purchases and what-have-you in order to make customers buy more with the same card. This is exactly the approach Vanilla is trying to take. They focus on interesting bonus programs. Also interesting is the possibility to integrate mobile payments with augmented reality and similar things you can use on your cellphone like google maps. The idea is simple: Just type in what you want – your location will automatically be recognised – and you get suggestions what stores are in your area. And, of course, stores will be pointed out where you get special offers or bonus point.

All in all, this looks like an interesting idea and it is just a matter of time until technology is advanced enough to enable safe payments with mobile phones. The project is to launch in July or August 2010 and I am looking forward to it, just to find out about its possibility of success.