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Monthly Archives: November 2009

There seems to be some weird and in my eyes fucked up understanding that real men eat meat. Like we’re still some kind of backwards cavemen that have to get their force from dead animals in order to survive. Well, those times are long gone. And apart from the fact that cavemen never eat much meat compared to our standards, most of us spend their days in offices where they sit their fat asses down on chairs. Not much hunting involved. But when confronted with and declining to eat meat, men are depicted as being pussies.

“You don’t eat meat? You’re not a real man then!” – Well fuck yourself, real men don’t have to eat meat. They should drink a lot and smoke to be manly, but meat is definitely not a part of it. So any of you assholes making me justify why I just don’t friggin feel like eating meat at all times: I will pour my whiskey right in your face the next time you ask stupid questions. Thank you very much.