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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Presidente Oscar and the Flu

While President Oscar Arias seems to be recovering from the swine flu, us other mortals that did not yet get the originally deadly disease wonder: when will it come at us? And possibly kill us? Because if I re-read those original warnings by the World Health Organization and so, hmmm, I should be dead by now.

Well, despite of his asthma, it seems that Mr. President will survive the influencia he caught. Somewhere. This shows us that even neoliberals can catch the same diseases as any average mortal. Then again, Oscar Arias is not just your average neoliberal guy. He’s a neoliberal guy with a nobel price in his pocket. One might say that Arias being nobel prize laureate in 1987 is controversial, but still, he definitely did contribute to Central American peace efforts in the 80’s. And he also promoted Costa Rica as a haven of peace… in a way… having no army and all. But then it turns out he’s just another neoliberal striving to secure the domain of multinational companies who are filling each other’s pocket with silver and gold. Oh, and didn’t that sort of overturn the Costa Rican constitution, that a former president can be reelected? That wasn’t in the book.

To make a long story short. Oscar will live! And he’s not just another neocon. He’s a neocon with a nobel prize. In peace. Goddamn!