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Strange and sad news: Alexis Arguello, who was elected mayor of Managua last year was found dead in his Managua home. The “flaco explosivo”, as the boxer was known, died at age 57. Apparently he was shot through the heart with a pistol. While authorities are talking of suicide it seems yet unclear why exactly the shot is supposed to be self-inflicted. Naturally, the boxer was known to suffer from depressions and publicly admitted drug and alcohol abuse. Nevertheless, a shot in the heart is not the most common way of suicide so it makes sense to await a final authopsy and report about the boxer’s death.
Arguello was a legend in the super flyweight boxing world and a prototype for many (as for instance, Nonito Donaire the Philippine boxer:
Politically, it is interesting how Arguello ran as mayor for the Sandinistas, while he fled Nicaragua in the 1980s because Sandinistas froze his bank accounts. During that time he moved to the USA and was supporting the US-backed contras. At the time of his death he was the elected mayor of the capital Managua. Let us see what this story brings and wheter the rumours of foul play are true.


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