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So, it was about time I should write another post after this long break. Well, only problem is I don’t know what to write about. Things are going kind of slow here at the moment, I am enjoying the heat and trying to hit the beaches as often as I can. This works out fine with me as I have been working quite hard the past months. Yes, believe it or not, even in Costa Rica it’s not always all about Pura Vida. Then again, it’s just what you make out of it. Sometimes when I get too stressed out I remind myself of where I am: exactly! I certainly did not come here to work my ass off, or to get rich… So before I work my behind off I’d rather stay off the heat and go diving somewhere, oh yeah.

Anyways, hope you will all enjoy this here weekend and all the following ones. Keep in mind not to work too much, life is too short to just strive for success and riches. And what’s more: You’ll never get there anyway. Check out the story of Sysiphos if you’re not sure what I mean. Is this how you sometimes feel? Well, then you definitely need some vacation! Or just stay off work and tell your employer you’re sick. That’s even more fun! Anyways, disfruta la playa!


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