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Monthly Archives: May 2009

As I realize now I was a bit too optimistic in the last post about swine flu in Costa Rica. It is apparently not just a cold that you get and might, or might as well not, eventually die. But according to reliable sources swine flu actually turns you into a pig. Now, I like being swinish and acting like a pig and all. But this is clearly too much. I don’t want to turn into a pig! So let’s all be nice to each other, wear face masks, not kiss or even talk to each other. Death I could cope with but I do not want to be a swine.

Good night.


Okay, I don’t want to add to the general panic in any way. Still, it might be of interest to some that Costa Rica has confirmed its first case of swine flu. This is special because apparently it is the first case of swine flu outside Mexico but in Latin America. Central America might be particularly affected because there is a lot of interchange and travel (work- and recreation-related) between all Central American countries.  There are still the odd 50 open cases where it is not yet clear what condition the patients are in (i.e. if they have the swine flu or not).

a/H1N1 testing kits have been sent to Costa Rica now in order to facilitate testing. Time will tell how the disease will spread in Central America. It is yet too early to say whether the geographical proximity to Mexico means that more cases of swine flu will appear in CR. It is most important for the medical sector to be ready and have emergency plans at hand. Costa Rica’s medical infrastructure is in a fairly good condition and the odds are good that tico doctors will come prepared.