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Monthly Archives: April 2009

I am getting a little bit tired by people visiting me who ask always the same question: “What do I need to bring?” The problem is that it’s not easy to answer because it depends on how long you plan to stay here and where you plan to stay. Costa Rica’s climate is extremely varied and it reaches from freezing (well, that’s what it feels like anyways, but it can be around 10 degrees Celsius in the highland at night) to way too hot to even move (talking Guanacaste in dry season). So don’t ask me no stupid questions but think for yourself.

The longer you stay the more variety of clothes you might have to bring. Anyways, don’t rely on your classical packing list for the tropics. Here I found a good packing list for such travels. It takes the variety of the country into consideration and it’s a good basic starting point (so you won’t end up without underwear at least). You will be covered from beach stay to small national park explorations onto visit on high-up mountain peaks. Very well, if you have some further special interests you will have to figure out your additional items. I can’t be everyone’s nanny and it gets a little tiresome to repeat the same propositions over and over again. So take advantage of the list above and start packing up…

Good luck and see you down here soon!