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Remember the bad old times in Panama when beer taste just like… well, let’s just say water.
The beer still doesn’t taste too much, but the percentage has clearly improved. Until a few years ago it was not possible to find a beer with over 3.5% alcohol in it. this has changed now and 5% beer is actually available. Yee-haah!

Okay, though, the Cervezeria Baru of Panama still doesn’t know much about beer brewing in my opinion, but this is definitely a great improvement. Long gone are the days we used to spend at the beach, chugging one beer after the other, still faintly hoping to get drunk. Now, we actually do manage! No more just using the beer for chasers after Ron Abuelo (which, by the way, is also not very good compared to Central American Standards: When I say “standard” you say “Flor de Caña“…). Anyways, Panama has never been my favorite drinking land. It is definitely not my favorite smoking land. What’s with these fascist laws man? I mean, being healthier all right, but why the hell would you not allow smoking outdoors? We’ve even been to a bar at the beach, that had a little straw-roofed shelter with a table. No sire, you could not smoke under there. What’s with that? Well, they still take the law kind of easy in Bocas del Toro, but not in Panama City, no sir! You can get your ass fined off.

Well anyways, I was talking about the beer, but now I drifted off I guess. Instead of complaining about non-smoking laws I should be happy that the Cervezas “Panama” and “Balboa” finally managed to get the percentage of booze into them they should.



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