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Due to an (apparent) rising problem in crime, there is no more money available from ATMs in San Jose, Costa Rica after 10pm. Due to police information there was an increasing number of robberies that followed the same pattern. People were mugged on the street, but not only the money was taken away that they had on them. They were forced to do an involuntary city tour, passing as many ATM as possible. They would then be forced at gun- or, (more often) knife-point to withdraw all the money they could from their bank account and with their credit card. Particularly now during Christmas time, when Costa Ricans receive their 13th month’s salary, this would provide for an easy prey.

Therefore it was decided to close down all ATM cashiers after 10 o clock at night. I do not know if it was a municipal decision or one made by the banks, but it is definitely good to know that measures are being taken (in Venezuela this has been an ongoing problem for years).

However, it is also good to know that you can no longer withdraw money at night. Take care of such financial matters during daytime if you happen to be in San José!



  1. Just spend the holidaze in Nicaragua. It’s much safer.

    • hmm, its not exactly like Costa Rica is not safe. And I wouldn’t advise anybody to wander Managua’s streets on the lookout for ATMs, for that matter…
      By the way, it’s not a question of holidays: I live in San Jose

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