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The only beer brewing house of Costa Rica, the Cerveceria de Costa Rica is celebrating its 100th birthday. Funny how time passes when you are enjoying yourself… I know it’s a little late to write about this, but I just noticed the label on my beer bottle a short while ago. The brewery is now also producing beer for Heineken and distributing less tasty stuff like Smirnoff Ice (arrrgh, groce). By the way, the cerveceria de Costa Rica was the first Latin American brewery to receive a license from Heineken to brew its tasty liquid.

However, after all those years “Pilsen” is still the right beer to go with. It gives you less of a headache than some other products, the worst being “Rock Ice“: if you really plan on waking up with a bad hangover, then enjoy this cerveze de chicas…

Interestingly, the brewery is also promoting the Nicaraguan Toña beer as well as the formidable Cerveza Gallo from Guatemala. To be honest, I have not yet encountered any of those products in Costa Rica (although I could kill somebody for a Gallo right now). But maybe this will happen before the next 100 years are over. Anyways, what with all developments and expansions here in Costa Rica, the variety of many things (not only beer) is growing. The “Bavaria” beer brand is living proof of how quality is advancing here. But don’t forget that it is not easy to brew European style beer in the tropics: with high temperature variations (from over 30 degrees Celsius to a cold fridge and back) and transport in this “beer unfriendly” environment, it is almost impossible to have a standard beer that keeps its quality. This is why many tropical beers have rather low alcohol levels and taste like water…

But in the temperate Central Valley and around San Jose nothing can come in between me an enjoying my beer…

Appendix: Not being American I was unaware, that Imperial beer is appearently also sold in the states. I found an interesting blog entry about Imperial’s advertising campaign, for once “without fake tits” ;). Interstingly, the cerveceria has stopped the famous Pirellli style- calendar with the “Chicas Pilsen”… even though I am not a big fan of advertising everything with breasts I have to admit: I will miss the calendar…


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