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Oh yeah, this is old news now. But no surprise, the Sandinista candidate Alexis Argüello did win the election as mayor of Managua, mentioned in last week’s entry.

The opposition leader Montealegre stated that the vote count has not been done properly and he has won 51 percent of the votes. While the whole election has been shady (no independent election monitors, hardly a chance for the opposition to appear in public), these numbers should be questioned. Daniel Ortega’s propaganda has worked so well that the masses of Managua did seem infiltrated and planning to vote for Argüello.

Hoewever, it was far from being a fair race. And the lack of international observers is a further indicator that the election was, in fact, worthless for the people of Managua.

The opposing party CSE relies on an internet poll, where Argüello has only won 46 percent of the votes. Still, it will take a while until the winner of the election of November 9 will be clear: scheduled for December 5, the municipality will announce the official winner.

What a surprise it would be if his name is not Alexis Argüello…

Read this article on “how to steal an election” (okay, it’s by The Economist, definitively known for bias towards leftist groups… But read with this in mind, it gives interesting insights)


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