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Flordecana? Why would someone name a blog like that? Well, first of all, all the good names were already taken. Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Centroamerica and Central America seem to be occupied by some shady people who don’t even put content on their pages.

But however, the idea was to write about happenings, history and interesting event in Central America, with a particular focus on Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the countries I spend most time in. And since all the names were taken, well I cannot lie, I do like rum. So it quickly occurred to me that Flor de Caña should be the name of choice. I don’t want to promote alcoholism but the occasional bottle of Flor de Caña mixed with fresh fruit juice or coke was always a luxury I enjoyed in Central America. And getting to know this award-winning rum in Nicaragua I got to love its taste.

The taste of 7 year old Flor de Caña almost reminds of brandy and cognac with a color of mahogany and an incredibly smooth taste. The rum is produced by the Compañia Licorera de Nicaragua in Chichigalpa since 1937. It won 73 medals in the past years and is known by pretty much every traveller that has visited Nicaragua.

The company claims to have “one of the largest reserves of aged rums in the world”, apparently due to the fact that they could not export a whole lot during the 1970’s and 80’s. Anyways, this is good news as it looks like I won’t have to waste my time with abominations like Bacardi…

But what you will be reading here is more than thoughts about rum and other liquors. I hope to look at happenings in these Central American countries, things that have happened here (to me and in history) and give recommendations about what I like here. But first, I’ll have myself a nice cup of seven year old Flor de Caña…


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